Missing Classmates

Please help us find missing classmates.  The following is a list of classmates that we have not been able to contact.  If you know how or are able to contact them, please have them join our Facebook group or give them the link to our class website.  Thank you for your help!

Sean Adkins
Steve Alexander
Charles Arnette
Laura Arnold
John Baker
Nate Baker
Renny Baldridge
Nick Beach
Ray Beers
Tim Belofi
Angie Bishop
Steven Bittinger
Jessica Bowen
Tiffany Bowling (Finley)
William Brown
Raymond Briggs
Michelle Brunker
Charles Burgess
Jill Burkett (Hiner)
Scott Caldwell
Fred Carter
Jeffery Childers
Chris Conley
Bambi Copen
Doti Corrigan (Johnson)
Hamilcar Cordeiro
Adam Critchfield
Ian Cunningham
James Dawson
Donna Dietch
Ryan Derhammer
John Dillick
Shane Duke
Jason Duncan
Nathan Dye
Lisa Eagle
Melissa Ellison
Michael Estes
Sandra Foster (Warner)
Kevin Frick
Kevin Glinsky
Joseph Gray
C.J. Hill
Jerry Hiner
John Hobbs
Kelly Hoover
Sarah Huffman
David Hudson
Anthony Imhoff
Olivia Jaber
Dennise John
Michael Jones
Ezekiel Justine
Jason Kachner
Sam Kallergis
Richard Langenfeld
Todd Leary
Carlos Lozano
Ericka Meade
Misty McCollam
Jacob McComas
Kathy McFarland
Kelly Miller (Dutton)
Mike J. Morrison
Elena Murray
Tami Noah
Michael Paparone
Neil Pearce
Charity Phillips
Michael Pitz
Tara Redman
Josh Riley
Jason Sayre
Rebecca Schrimsher (Essex)
Kevin Selzer
Bradley Shiplett
Valarie Smeiles
Sarah Stack
Dan Stewart
Stacy Stewart
Richard Thrasher
Michael Treen
Shane Treich
Gina Walker
Justin Walkley
George Wetzel
Ryan White
Kim Zurschmit

Low Ticket Sales

If you are still interested in attending the Springfield High School Class of 1995 20th Reunion, please purchase your discounted tickets as soon as possible.  Ticket sales have been low and if we do not sell at least 60 tickets by October 12th I will be forced to cancel the event.  It would be fun to see everyone so hurry and purchase your tickets!  Thank you.